Welcome to Chandlers Hill Kindergarten


Welcome to Chandlers Hill Kindergarten. We are located on Education Road in Happy Valley, directly across from Happy Valley Primary School. Chandlers Hill Kindergarten is rich in history and character. It was initially established as the school on the 26th of September, 1898 and the building was the head teacher’s residence and school house. In 1980, the school was relocated to the western side of Education Road and the site became the Kindergarten. The building is now the original building with modern additions.

The Kindergarten is a “home-like” group of rooms and set in spacious gardens which is both a place of beauty and one which encourages exploration and engagement. The kindergarten provides a welcoming, caring and inspiring environment where the child is the central focus. The core business of Chandlers Hill Kindergarten is to provide appropriate educational programs that maximise each child’s potential development. We believe that children learn best through play which involves concrete, active experiences.

Chandlers Hill Kindergarten is a beautiful place with a “homely” inside environment which helps support childrens’ transition into Kindergarten as it provides a familiar connection to “home.” Our environment is set up purposefully by staff, for children to be able to make connections to themselves, their peers and their community. We believe that it is vital for the children to feel a sense of identity and belonging.

Our “house” has many rooms and the indoor environment provides various areas for learning through play and many activities to explore through, including painting, drawing, making, reading, writing, solving problems, building, manipulating, games, music and movement. Children give the staff direction in to their interests, and materials and experiences are offered to encompass this.

Our outdoor environment is magnificent and inspires children to use their imaginations and explore! The Kindergarten provides a number of outdoor activities for the children including an expansive sandpit, climbing equipment, watercourse, trees for climbing, spaces for cubbies and picnics, quiet places for thinking, and an abundance of opportunities for your child to explore, discover and be creative.

We cherish partnerships with our Kindergarten community and work hard to establish effective partnerships with children’s families, Happy Valley Primary School, Stepping Stones Childcare, Good Start Early Learning, Bethsalem Aged Care, Happy Valley Out Of School Hours Care, Aberfoyle Hub Library, and surrounding community to enrich children’s learning experiences and to develop their sense of community.